embodied dynamics

As a team of clinically trained Kinesiologists in corrective exercise, we bridge the gap between acute injury treatment and optimal pain-free movement, reversing the residual effect that an injury has on the body.  We are a trusted resource and partner for medical and rehab specialists in co-treatment so you can return to the life you want to live for the long-term.

Comprehensive assessment of biomechanics and neuromotor control is the foundation of individualized exercise programming. Embodied Dynamics combines the validated testing protocols with the science of sensorimotor control to achieve the following goals:

  • Identify inefficient movement patterns that can potentially lead to an injury, pain or a delay in recovery 

  • Identify the potential factors for the inefficient motor control. Examples of these include loss of healthy joint motion, diminished sensation to specific motion, altered spatial awareness, muscular imbalance, or weakness, etc.

  • Learn about what might have caused an adaptation towards a specific movement pattern. Understanding contextual triggers for a protective response of the body is important for injury rehabilitation and managing persistent pain. 


  • Learn about your preferred activities and contextual motivation for movement. This is the key to making a strategy for overcoming the current barriers and gradually improve your movement efficiency and strength.

  • If we identify any issues that are not originated from motor control, muscular imbalance or weakness but can potentially cause the pain or discomfort, we connect you with other practitioners who are capable of treating them. 

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Daehan Kim

Daehan Kim

MSc (KIN), MACT, CSCS, FMS1, SMK1 • Clinical Kinesiologist – Practicing Member under the BCAK & CKA • Movement Assessment & Corrective Training (M.A.C.T. ™) Certified • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA - CSCS) • Functional Movement Screen (FMS1) Certified • Certified Kettle Bell Instructor (SMK1)