Group Fitness Schedule

Functional Fitcamp

Functional Fitcamp is perfect for everyone. At every age, at some point we all begin to lose our posture, move our bodies incorrectly and lack in flexibility.  We have put together this structured program to focus on functional and corrective movements, on range of motion and rolling with foam rollers and on strengthening exercises. Our goal is to help as many people as we can to live every day as healthily as possible, being pain and weakness free, and to lessen the chance of injury through improper movements and muscular imbalances while at the same time creating functional strength and corrective mobility.

Location: VIrtual

Trainer: Kevin Boardman

Urban Body Sculpt

With years of research Tracy Boardman has designed a unique fitness program that will get you lean, sculpted and in better shape than ever before. This training program will change the shape of your muscles and body. Using a combination of pilates, yoga, dance inspired moves and personal training exercises your body will be challenged in all of your stabilizer, small and large muscle groups. This class TARGETS our HOT SPOTS inner thighs, glutes, arms and abs.

Location: Virtual

Trainer: Tracy Boardman



This 60 minute Class combines strength training, cardio and core work for a complete body blast. Every class is different to keep the body guessing. You will burn up to 800 calories each class.

Location: Virtual

Trainer: Tracy Boardman



Due to Covid-19 our classes have moved online. 

$10 per 30 minute class


Download the Zoom app, create a free account, email for our class login and passwords


We look forward to training you virtually

All classes will be a combination of Fitcamp & Urban Body Sculpt


ALL fitness levels welcome, no weights or equipment necessary.



Mondays 8am

Tuesdays 7pm

Wednesday 8am, 1pm Stretch Class

Thursday 7pm

Friday 8am

Saturday 8am

email: for zoom login and passwords

Come train with us VIRTUALLY