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Soul Fitness: What we're all about

Soul Fitness is the newest space to join the fitness community of North Vancouver. We built a brand new facilty for our trainers, therapists and coaches to be a home base for to bring their clients. How is this place so different from every other fitness facility? Firstly, the unique, modern design. One of Vancouver’s top architect firms, Michael Green Architecture, is responsible for the design and for creating many of the features that will set us apart. Things like 25 foot ceilings in the bright main exercise area and a beautiful lounge area to sit and relax after your workout. Change rooms with relaxation music piped in, complimentary water and towel stations and private rain showers.

You’ll also find we aren't going to be about machines taking the functionality out of training. We want to have compound movements work the body efficiently and as a whole instead of machines that allow you to work only one muscle group. The environment is filled with trainers who care about each other's clients and make it their job to know everybody’s name. They have opportunities to learn those names through our trainer/client community that brings everyone together with monthly socials, hiking excursions and more. We’re also the only dedicated independent training studio that offers a full range of fitness classes on a regular schedule, another great way to meet your fellow clients and their trainers.

We are the only training studio that offers client referrals with no fees attached. Our website offers trainers the ability to market themselves to build their clientele. Our central location in North Vancouver is advantageous for trainers and their clients, being one block from Marine Drive and right across the street from restaurants, grocery stores and cafés. Our active social media presence keeps a constant flow of viewers to our sites and our blog will provide health and wellness news, articles, recipes and fitness tips that will be a great resource for everyone.

Whether you join our Soul Fitness community as a professional or as a client, our goal is to make everyone feel like it's their second home.

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